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Even if you read no further, this should convince you: Green buildings save money and help our environment, starting the very first day of construction. Beginning in the planing and design phase of your home green building practices are used and implemented through out the construction phase.

A 2003 study by the California Sustainable Building Task Force shows that an initial green design investment of just two percent will produce savings greater than 10 times the initial investment, based on a very conservative 20-year building life span. For example, $40,000 in green design in a $2 million dollar project will be repaid in just two years. Over 20 years, the savings will amount to $400,000. In other words, ka-CHING!
What can Green Building do for you?
  • Lower operating costs and increase asset value.

  • Conserve energy, water and other resources.

  • Healthier and safer for occupants.

  • Qualify for money-saving incentives, like tax rebates and zoning allowancesere .
GO Green and Save Money.....

House Data:

Living Area = 2,585 sq/ft Under Air
Car Garage = 676 sq/ft Under air
RV Garage = 882 sq/ft
Screened Porch = 400 sq/ft
Entry = 110 sq/ft

Total sq/ft = 4,653

Total 3,261 sq/ft of conditioned space. 

As you can see, using Green building techniques and materials this home is energy efficient and more friendly to our environment as well as saving you the home owner money on your utility bills.